Approval chances for Motion to Reopen case

Dear All,

My Employer filed H1b on 25th May.

RFE Date : 28th Sep

RFE Reason: Speciality skilled occupation

RFE Replied Date: 20th Dec

Deciion Date and Status: 22nd Jan, Completed.

Deciton update : 7th Feb, Denial.

My ? are

  1. My employet told that they will go for Motion to Reopen, but what are the chances of approval?

  2. What would be the success rate in “Motion to Reopen” Any suceess cases in REDBUS2US users.

Please help me :frowning:

Thank u very much,


  1. Depends upon what your employer can present to counter the rejection reasons.

  2. You can check the main blog, but I don’t remember any cases (actually no one has posted the outcome to say whether it was successful or not).

kiran522 - Can you please provide information on MTR timelines and status if its was filed?

My MTR was denied and time line almost took 10 months for status.
This year i applied fresh H1B and Got approved, stamped. I am in USA :slight_smile:
Believe me, Toataly applied 3 H1Bs continuous years. 3rd year gave thumbs up :slight_smile:
hope this helps you.

Congrats for your new H1.

I think i cannot wait on MTR to get approved. I need to plan to apply a fresh H1B 2016.

Currently I am on L1B I94 valid for 2 more years. (L1B Visa Expired Oct 2013)

I can stay on I-94 so I am not out of status.