Appointment scheduled for the entire family with only one DS160

My parents and sister is applying for a visitor visa to come visit me in the US. My sister accidentally scheduled appointment with a partially filled DS 160. She also used only one DS 160 number while scheduling appointment for all the family members. We called the call center and they told us not to reschedule the appointment and complete the existing DS 160 and fill out new DS 160s (one each) for my parents and carry those for the OFC appointment. Has anybody gone through such an experience or heard anybody having any issues in such a scenario? Do you think we should cancel this existing appointment and schedule another one with the correct DS 160 forms?

What OFC has told you is correct.

If you have time, follow OFC advice. Cancelling the appointment will NOT solve yr problem

Because old profile with incorrect DS 160 number for others remains linked to passport nos