Applying L1b Extn and H4 at same time


My L1b visa is getting expired in december. My wife is in H1b visa. We both are in US currently.


Can i apply for L1B Extn and H4 visa at same time during the month of November?


Is there any problem in applying two visas at same time?



You would not want to apply for both at the same time. If you are concerned that the L-1B petition will be denied you can always file for the H-4 after the L-1B denial. If you file online there would be no time out of status.

If your L-1 denial comes after L-1 I-94 expiration date, then you cannot file COS to H-4 as any COS application requires an unexpired I-94 at the time of filing. What you can do is file L-1 under premium processing so that you get the result prior to I-94 expiration date and then decide to file COS to H-4. The other option is to leave US after L-1 denial and then appear for H-4 visa stamping.

Filing them together creates a race scenario and could result in complication. Talk to your attorney to know all the possible permutations.

Please help me in unserstanding if i will be in status in below case.

My L1B visa is expiring in January 2013.
I am planning to apply for H4 in december 1st week and L1B Extn during december last week.

If my L1B extn is getting denied during Feb 2013, Can i stay legally in US till i get a decision on my H4 petition?