Applying H1B and EXT for L1 in I94 period.


I am in odd situation.I need some help. Here is the scenario -

My L1-B VISA ending - 22 Dec 2013

My I94 ending - 09 July 2014

Now I am planing to apply for H1B visa next year (2014) and also planning to apply Extension for L1B. Now I am confused whihc one to apply first. My quesitons are -

  1. Can I apply H1-B first in April and then Apply for extension for L1B in June ?

  2. In case if my H1B is approved , can i still apply for L1 EXT in June? This only becaue i can drag my time till october based on pending ext so that I can work on H1B ?

  3. If I apply for L1 EXT (March) before H1 and if my L1 is rejected then immeditely i need to go back (irrespective of H1 b status). is it little risk ?

So my main question is whihc one should I apply first ?


I was in similar situation last year and applied L1 extn after H1B. I got RFE regarding Change of Status - valid immigrant status document after i-94 expiry date till oct 1. I responded with L1B extension receipet - but still waiting for the decision on H1.

Best and Easy thing is do to I-94 extension - ask attorney, they will guide.