Applying for H4 when having H1B?


My wife is in India and having Valid H1B but not yet stamped, I want to know if we apply for H4 will it effect the H1B Visa. Please help me on this query.

She can appear for H-4 stamping while she still has a valid H-1 visa. There is a possibility that they may cancel H-1 visa stamp while approving H-4 visa stamp. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t apply for H-1 cap-exempt petition in future. No impact on her approved H-1 petition.

thank you for the response. can you please let me know are there any possibilities of canceling H1B even though H1B Stamping not yet done.

If H-1 stamping has not been done, then H-4 stamping would have no impact on her H-1.