Applying for H4 visa with a gap of two years!

Hi All,I have my H4 visa interview next week and would really appreciate if you can give me any tips/guidance regarding my situation. I was on F1 visa (Ph.D. program) since 2010. But however due to funding issues at my school and also due to other financial constraints (My husband was then struggling to find a stable job being with a consultant), I decided to take a "Leave from my Ph.D. and returned to India in Sept. 2013. Now I am planning to go to U.S. as his dependent, but exactly after two years!I am sure there would be a question about why I am applying for H4-visa after a long time.Can you please advice me about how to answer this question in the interview?I am very nervous about this question and would really want to be with my husband.Thank you very much for your help.

Priya, Do not worry much, stay confident and answer something that is logical to your situation. Hopefully your husband is maintaining proper H1B status in the last two years. Most of the times H4 visa interviews are pretty standard and odds of rejection are very less.

Hi Kumar,

Just wanted to update. My H4 visa got approved without much questioning. The visa officer just asked me the following questions.

  1. Since when do you know your husband?
  2. Where does he stay?
  3. Have you been to the US before?

That is it and he said that my visa is approved :slight_smile: