Applying for H1B Visa while having valid L1B Visa


I am from India. I have a valid Blanket L1B visa from my current working company. But I never traveled to U.S till.
Now I got an opportunity from a different employer in U.S and they are ready to apply for H1B. So may I proceed to apply for H1B while having the valid L1B?. If I do so, will it affect my existing L1B by any chance. Please help me.

They can sponsor your H-1. Your L-1 will be valid until its expiration date. If you leave your current L-1 employer, then that L-1 is of no use as well.

Thanks for your reply. I am clear about the L1B now. I request your insight on H1B. So as you replied, if my new employer can sponsor H1B, will it affect my existing L1B by any chance. If my H1B also gets approved, may I have L1B and H1B at same time?

When appearing for H-1 visa interview, there is a possibility that they would cancel L-1 w/o prejudice. However, if they don’t do that then both visa stamps will exist in the passport and both will be valid to use under certain scenarios. You can travel to US on L-1 through L-1 employer, or on H-1 through H-1 employer.