Applying for H1B - M. Sc certificate has additional letter printed in Last name - Does it cause any problem for visa

Dear All,

This year I will be applying for H1B visa.

Could you please help me as I have some concerns in which I really need all of your suggestion /opinion.

I have detailed out everything below.

My education qualifications & IT exp are:


  1. B.Sc Biochemistry - 3 yrs full time
  2. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology - 2 yrs full time
  3. M.Sc Microbiology - 2 yrs by distance/correspondence.

IT Work experience in MNC:
Total 8 yrs in IT as mentioned below

  • 5 yrs SAP Functional consultant
  • 3 yrs Software Quality Analyst

One big remark I have is:

In my M.Sc Certificate, my last name has one extra letter while other educational certificates have proper last name. Instead of “Mandadapu”, university has printed as “Mandhadapu”. If you observe there is an additional letter “h”

Considering all above mentioned info, I have 2 Queries

When applying to H1B:

  1. If I mention only 3 yrs graduation and 2 yrs diploma (Total 17 yrs of study). And 8 of total IT work experience. Am I eligible for applying H1B? This is because of my last name is not proper in M.Sc certificate.

  2. If I mention M.Sc also as my qualification, will there be any problems? Are they consider it as very minor typo error?

A big thanks all of you for your patience, answers and time spent in advance which would help me a lot.


I think you should include all degrees in your document. Extra alphabet in the name wouldn’t matter. I assume your employer will get education evaluation done for your case. Remember to include all degree there as well.