applying for H1B-2014 on 1st april 2013


I am applying for H1B-2014 this april 1st 2013.

My spouse (has a H1B) is traveling to US in may 2013.

Can i travel to US along with her by applying H4 (assuming that i have already applied for H1B on 1st april 2013)



Yes you can. I dont think you should have any problem travelling on H4.

suppose i apply for H1B on 1st april 2013.
And later on 15 april 2013 if i apply for H4 will my H1B application is not valid any more?
and when i go for H4 interview does they ask why i have applied for H1b and now coming for a H4?

yes you can apply for H4 after you apply for H1. H1b authorizes you to work only from oct 1st 2013. So you can be on H4 till then and apply for Change Of Status (COS) to H1 after you come over here to USA

thanks for the reply ramanan256.
once i apply for H4 after aplying H1B, can i travel to US on H4 and stay there untill my H1B is approved or should i come back to india for H1B stamping?

You can stay here as long as your H4 authorizes you. You need not go back for stamping as you can apply for change of status (COS) after you come into usa. When COS is approved your status will automatically transfer to H1