Applying for h-4 visa with 1 year h1b approval for fresh application

Hello Experts,
I am on F-1 since August 2008 , working on OPT Ext -Currently have approved H1B-2013 starts oct 2012 Validity 1 year.

Will 1 year h1b approval casue any additional questions for h4 applicant?

I was working on 1099 My payroll started in June 2012 .I am planning to apply for my Wife’s h4 in October 2012 - InshA , So I will have only 4 paystubs and tax return for 2010 and 2011

Are 4 paystubs enough for h4 interview? What should my spouse reply regarding my company? I work for a consulting firm which holds my h1/ Client Name?

What should my spouse answer when asked regarding my work / residence location? I work & reside nearby client location but my consulting firm is in neighbouring state.

Thanks alot for your help.