applying for f-2 visa

Hi Sir,

My wife is applying for the first time for f-1 visa and i am working as a HR executive for a small organisation. My question is if i want to apply for f2 visa should i apply it once her f1 is approved or wait for another six months and then apply for f2 visa.i dont want to leave my wife alone. So i want to apply for f-2 visa as soon as possible. what are the difficulties i would be facing in applying the f2 visa. Since i am her husband. Can you please suggest me the best suggestion.

First, your wife needs to apply for your dependent I-20 from school by showing the required funds. Once you get the I-20 you can apply for Visa at embassy. You do not have to wait, you can attend for Visa interview together with your wife as well or seperately as needed. One of the schools USC has good info on this, Check it here