Applying F2 visa this year , Financial documents to be submitted

Hi, My husband is on F1 visa and studying in US from sept 2014. I m planning to apply an F2 visa this year so that I can travel in april end 2015. In DS 160 form I have filled the entity supporting my financial status while Im in US as “Self”. Actually my dad is sponsoring so will that be a problem? Or should i mention the same to Visa officer in interview?

Sonce we are applying seperatly . I will be on sebatical for four months and Will be getting an employment letter from my current employer to show that I would be returing to India.

If you are taking a 4 month sabbatical to visit your husband and your dad is sponsoring you, the visa officer might ask why you are opting for F-2 visa and why not a short term B-1/B-2.
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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,,