Apply L2 EAD renewal when only primary applicant extension status is known

Hi Saurabh,

My husband employer filed L1B to L1A conversion (regular processing) on March 2013 along with my L2 dependent petition, as his I94 is expiring in June 2013. I'm  currently working on L2 EAD valid till June 2013. My husband L1B to L1A petiton got approved on May 1st 2013 and he got his revised I-94 till 2014,  but my L2 dependent petiion still shows Status as Initial Review.

My husband initially got RFE for L1A conversion and then within few weeks got this status as approved strangely and finally received approval notice  with revised I94.

In this situation , Can i apply for EAD Renewal or i have to wait till i get my petition also to be approved.?

Is there any ways to speed up my processing as the primary applicant status is already known? Does dependents petition approval takes time and is this normal situation ?

Please let me know.Thanks

You will need to submit your own I-94 copy for EAD renewal. I assume your EAD is expiring in June 2013. If yes, then you need to wait for your approval notice. Usually when the petitions are filed together, they should get approved together.

Ask the L-1 attorney to follow-up on the case. Normal processing time is 2-3 months