Apply H4 EAD in may or after I140 extension.

My husband is on H1 and his I140 is valid till September '15. He will be applying for an extension next week, so I’m not sure if it will come by May. I want to apply for a H4 EAD. So I wanted to know if it was better to wait till his extension comes and then apply for H4 ead, or apply for it in may(with I140 validity till Sept).

In my opinion you should apply after getting your extension approved, otherwise the moment you get your EAD it will already be expired because it will be valid till your old H1 date which is Sept. I was in same boat, so i extended my visa first, it came in just 2 weeks in normal processing. So apply now and i think it should come pretty fast. Good luck. I was also thinking of paying for premium processing somewhere around May2nd week if it was getting delayed but it came in short time.