Apply for Tourist Visa to US while H1B amendment is in progress


My husband has Approved H1B petition but is yet to get his Visa stamped. There is also a high chance that he will undergo an LCA amendment process next month to a new work location.

Currently my husband is in UK and he will not be able to get relieved from his UK assignment until May end but the amendment process will continue to happen irrespective of his release date from his UK assignment.

I am currently working in US with H1B. Due to my medication condition we are hoping that my husband can come to US between may 7th and may 16th. Would it be advisable to apply for a tourist visa from UK for may 7th and may 16th? Will this affect his H1B amendment or VISA process in any way?

My Visa expired on August 11th 2016 , i can make arrangement to see if I can have my medical procedure done in India would it be wise to travel to India around May 7th-16th? If the option of my husband traveling to US does not work , we both can travel to India too provided i can with my visa expiring on August 11th. Also i intend to extend my visa.

He will have to check w/ US embassy in UK if he can apply for tourist visa from there. They may allow him or ask him to appear for interview from his home country. Depends upon why he is in UK and for how long.

In case he applies for tourist visa, it will not impact the pending amendment and future H-1B stamping process.

You can also travel out of US for 1-2 weeks in May and return on the same visa. Once you return to US, your employer can file for extension. If you leave US while your own extension is pending, then that would defeat the purpose of extension as your I-94 will change.