Apply for ssn after h1 and related qns


I got my h1b this year and was wanting to know If I can apply for my SSN before Oct 1?  

I have my new I94 and I797. I heard that SSN takes atleast two weeks to come and I will not be able to start work before that. Is that true? Will my employer pay me for the two weeks?

Please help!


Thank You!

Employer will and should pay for those 2 weeks. There are banks who open your checking account with direct deopsit without a SSN and just with passport and petition. Your employer will ask only for your bank’s account number and routing number. They wouldn’t need SSN immediately.

SSN can be applied only in person and you cannot apply it online. Read

"Anyone age 12 or older requesting an original Social Security number [b]MUST[/b] be interviewed by Social Security."