Apply for H1B ext if I94 extended when Visa got transferred from A to B?

Hi, Hope you can help me on this. My Visa & I94 will expire in Oct 13. I heard that I94 will be extended when Visa transferred from comp A to B. If my I94 got extended, but expires still in Oct 13, should I apply for extension again if I want to travel to India in Nov 13? If yes, how much does extension costs? If not, should I just need to book slot for PA for stamping? My new employer may not be ready to spend for transfer and extension with in the span of 6 months. Or can new emp B apply for Visa extension directly without transfer? Appricate any help on this.



When B files for H-1 transfer they will also request extension of stay (i.e. I-94). Once approved, USCIS will issue new 797 and I-94 valid until a future date. So if 797 is approved till 2015, then it will have I-94 valid until 2015.

Transfer and extension can be filed together and there is no additional cost of filing them together.