Apply for H1B after COS from H4 to F1 within first Semester

Hi ,

I am presently staying in US on H4 status from past 6 months. I have 7 years of IT experience in India with a bachelors degree. I tried my luck in H1B lottery for past 2 years (this year from US and last year from India) and was not lucky enough. I have applied to universities for spring 2016 and waiting for decision. As H1B is lottery and luck based I want to try my luck in H1B 2016 and have some questions about applying H1B for 2016 while studying

  1. If I get seat in university and change from H4 to F1 , can i apply for H1B 2016 with my bachelors degree-

      1-a if lucky and got picked in lottery , will there be any issue with USCIS  

2 Should I continue to study by staying in H4 and apply for H1B 2016 , if unlucky then change to F1

Which option to choose so that I may not face issues with USCIS

Any suggestions . Thanks in advance