Applied H1 for FY 2016

Hi All,

I’m pursuing masters and applied for H1b. I’m still waiting for an update on lottery results.

  1. I’ve tried contacting employer on the status, waiting for an update. Now I would like to change the university as my current University fee is a bit high. If I change the university and if my application is picked in lottery would it create any issue. If INS sends and RFE to the university and I move to a different university then INS will not have much information about me as I moved out of the university, How do I go about it. Would it be advisable to change university at this point of time as I’m still waiting for H1b Lottery?

  2. If I change the university ho would I update my Sevis, Will University take care of Sevis transfer?

  3. If I have to take care of the sevis transfer, what should I do?

  4. Without reaching out to my current university can I check my sevis status if it has been initiated by INS or not?

Thank You.

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