Applied for H4 EAD in Feb. Still no news after 70+days. What to do?

HI. I Applied for my H4 EAD in February. The receipt date I got is February 9th. It is now April 21st and I have still not heard anything. I sent my application to the Phoenix lockbox but the receipt notification came from California.

My SIL who applied for her EAD a week after me has already gotten her card in the mail. What should I do? The processing time website of USCIS said in March2017, the california office was processing applications from Dec 15 2016. I checked this month and it says in April2017, it is processing applictions from Dec 1 2016.

Getting slightly impatient and annoyed now, and would like any advice on what to do. Thanks.

There is nothing you can do, other than wait… typically the time line is 90 days for EADs

This what USCIS say about EAD applications -

“Important Information About Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization You can submit an inquiry about your Form I-765 if your case has been pending more than 75 days.”

So you can contact them once 75 days have elapsed.

Thanks so much. I did call them. Found out that since my extension for H4 was also filed, albeit much after i applied for EAD, they will wait for the decision on the status of H4 extension before they process request for EAD. Once the H4 is approved, if I do not receive the EAD, I have to wait another 75days before I can request details on the case.