applied for h1B ammendment on last month nov 27th

Due to project change my company aplpied for h1b ammendment on nov 27th (filed date at authorities).Till now i didnt got any confirmation from us embassy on this .Based on this only i can go to visa stamping.Is there any delay currently for this process.I am aware that h1b ammendment process hardly takes 3-4 weeeks but in my case why delay was there.Adding to thisi got h1b for 2014(picked up in lottery)

There were few holidays in b/w. What’s the processing time you are seeing on USCIS website for your service center?

could you please tell me how long it will take for USCIS California Service Center

Like I said, go to USCIS website and look for processing time for your service center. They have everything mentioned there for different petition types.

thank but in uscis it was not mentioned for non premium h1b amendment as per the website processing time was 2 months.
I addition to that i have one more query since this applied on nov 27tha and didnt even got any confirmation am i good to attend visa stamping meanwhile. from my company i came to know like they haven’t received receipt copy of i -129 submission.

So 2 months will be over by Jan 27th. So its still within their published timeframe.

Why was the amendment filed? I mean what was supposed to be amended?

Actualy h1b raised from one client and now I am with another client in my company so they have raised ammendment process and we have urgent requirement with my current client and ill now receipt no was not received from uscis this wqs the update from my company what can we do ?

This type of amendment may take 2-3 months to process. Once 2 months have passed, your attorney can raise a service request w/ USCIS.

Thanks I got receipt number from uscis do u have any idea from how long it will take ?

It can take 2-3 months.

Thank surabh , my amendment status was rfe and we responded back to it on feb 1st can you please tell me the expected time frame will it take 2 more months for approval.