Application for H1B from India


I have done my BE (4 yrs) , PGDM (2 Yrs Regular) and have around 9 years of work experience in various organizations in the field of Business Development and Consultancy.
I am looking to join (as an employee) my relative’s business in the US to assist him to expand and to manage his business.
There were a few questions on which I needed some clarity on

1) When can he apply for a H1B Visa for me through his company
2) In case the Visa process is successful and I get a stamped H1B visa, when can i travel to US to join his company ( immediately post stamping or post some other date)
3) What is the cost of applying for a H1B Visa
4) If i need my spouse and daughter( 3 years old) to travel along with me, under which visa should they apply

Thank you in advance for your assistance and reverts on the above queries.


1a. Quota for this year is over, So you need to apply in next quota which starts on April 1st 2013.

2a. Next quota visa are valid from 1st Oct 2013, that is the earliest date to start working is the visa is approved and stamped.

3a. Not exacty sure but regular Visa is 3000$ and premium is 5000$ I guess ( this needs to paid by your empoyer)

4a. Dependents needs to apply for H4 visa