Appeal to MTR denied against H1b revocation in May 2015 but have Approved Amendment March 2015

Hello all, Got H1b for Oct 2013 as a result of client visit(Since i was not present at the time of visit) ,USCIS sent ITR in Jan 2015 and revoked H1 on May 2015.Employer applied Appeal to MTR in June 2015 but got denial for the appeal y’day.Meanwhile in Nov 2014 applied for amendment and which got approved in March 2015,now the Amendment is approved but H1b is revoked.What are my options now, i’m with family two kids. Meanwhile my wife H1b cases(FY 2015(denied and MTR appeal approved and case is reopened) and FY 2016(is still in the intial reveiw) are pending. Thanks in advance