Anyone with LCA submitted on 5th June got it Certified?

I have applied for my LCA certification on 5th June and am wondering if anyone else who has also applied for LCA certification on the same date got their Certified by DOL?

I am hoping to submit my H1B petition as soon as the LCA get certified.

I have also applied on 5of June and it’s not certified Yet. Please update once it’s certified for you.

sure. good luck!

What is the LCA status for you?

I am the original poster and am still waiting for my LCA to get certified.

I applied on June 4 and I’m still waiting

good luck for your certification!

My employer is going to file H1 today without LCA.

do you think that this can be done? tells that signed & certified LCA is a ‘required document’. Filing H1B without it may lead to its rejection.

mine is certified now you can yours.

I hope you applied on 5th June.

Yes. I think you also apply on the same day?

Do I need to wait LCA approved to file the H1b petition?

I applied on 5th June. Only my attorney has the case number :frowning: will check with him first thing in morning. Good luck!

I am the original poster. My LCA got certified on 6/11 (after 10 PM EST). Hoping my attorney would submit my H1B application today and USCIS would still accept applications by 6/13 morning :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone!

I am in the same situation too…lets hope for the best for you and me…