anyone received info from logic planet for h1b lottery result

anyone received info from logic planet for h1b lottery…

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Hello Guys… Please respond…

Hi Rahul,

i am also waiting for the same

Even I am waiting for the same! No updates yet

same here… me too waiting for it. ANy1 got update?

Any1 got any update? I havent got any update

Anybody any updates???Please keep us posted if you get to hear from them.

I haven’t received any update from them.

No update. I wonder if they got any selections :frowning:

hey guys i haven’t received any updates from them. feeling so bad

Same for me bro, I wonder if nobody ot selected so far from lp or they are not revealing any result

You all will get selected just because your sponsor is fraud.

me too waiting no update so far…

No updates so far… no idea… whats going on…

Tried contacting them but no reply, tried both email and call but no use.

Did you guys get to talk to them?? I sent couple of emails and called them but no response, I am really worried.

every application will get with a receipt number and its blindly known receipt numbers are generated only after picked in lottery.

My employer provided with Application reference number for all my team members when applied to track.
Application number turns to receipt number.
if employer says he dont have any application reference number then it meaning they have not applied at all.
whether application is received by USCIS or not you get a number to track.

No luck in lottery :frowning:

But they are still claiming to have 1 more name to declare.

Oh sorry to hear that. Did they call u to tell that visa not picked up in lottery?
N what does it mean by waiting for 1 name?

Hi Jaya,
How did logic planet told you about lottery rejection?
I have asked them they are saying wait for 2 more days, they dont have any information about my application…
Please respond