Anyone got petition approval from Vermont Service Center for Regular H1-B Processing

My case is picked in Lottery but waiting for approval. Just want to know whether any one got approval whose petition is filed through Vermont Service Center

I am still waiting too on my application,filed at the same center.

Thanks Nishit. Please share as and when you have an update. I will do the same

My case was picked up and got approved on July 10th. Its from Vermont Service Center only. I am just waiting for the petition hard copies.

Congrats by the way. Can you please tell when did you come to know that your petition is approved. I mean on which date after July 10th, as you said it is approved on July 10th. Eagerly waiting for petition approval. So asking you curiously.
My petition was received by USCIS on 13th April. As it is more than 3 months I am desperately looking for approval. Thanks for sparing time and replying for my question.Good Luck