Anyone got money from Prithvi Americas Inc...?

Does any one got money from Prithvi Americas inc. Has any one got H1b selected through them. I have applied through Venkata Kavaturu alias Balu. This guy is first fake guy who has trapped me this in.

Has any one opend any facebook page with this fraud. If so please share the link here, we all should upload there photos and number and full information mails there. we can should to the world how they have cheated us.


I got cheated by annother company last year. They took money from me and never filed H1B now they are not returning the money. Its been over 1.5 years now.

What actions we can take against these companies.

Manoj Pokala

Arpan Chaudhury

Preeti Chaudhury

Arwaan Chaudhury

Sunil Chaudhury

Pradeep Kotagiri

Rakesh Kumar

Vijay Rao and many more…

These people don’t answer the phone, emails or even sit in their registered Columbus office address : Javelin Systems Inc.(USA)


You can create face book page, update the page with all the details and mail, photos and phone numbers, form a group whom all you have done with this company. if you have twitter , write to Sushma Swaraj (honable Ministry of External Affairs of India) . She is very active on twitter. You can give complaint.