Any time bound to enter USA-Valid till 30th April 2014

I yet to go for H1B stamping but I797B validity is up to April 30, 2014. I heard that there is a clause, one can not enter into US if the visa validity is less than 120 days. Is there any such clause? Please help me.

There is no such clause. You can appear even 1 week prior to visa expiration date, as long as your employer is ready to file a timely extension in US.

Thanks Saurabh.

@Saurabh, Is it enough that if we just apply an extension with USCIS even though your visa will expire in a week. Does it not get approved within the time period ?

I didn’t understand the question. If you are outside US, then extension can be applied even after the petition has expired. If you are inside US, then it needs to be applied before expiration date so that you can maintain H-1 status. The processing takes 2-4 months under RP and 15 calendar days under PP.