Any one from Infosys who received receipt number

HI Guys,

This question is more specific to Infosys employees, I’m thinking that Infy wants to update all the employees at a time and is trying to avoid any panic by informing the employees as an when they receive his receipt number. So my question is did any one of you from Infy receive their receipt numbers if so when?



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Not yet…Did u get any update?

No not yet. Hopefully we will get it this week.

I believe it is not specific to InfoSys, my employer (Compware tech) said he did not received any receipt (Notice of action) for my case even thought its been like 2 months, but he is still telling me the same thing.
I also try to get some information from USCIS but said there is a possibility of delay.

please let us know if any one get any update on this.