Ammendment required or not and time required for ammendment.


My H1B petition got approved in December 2012. Howiever from the time my H1 was applied ( Old LCA) and now I have got promoted in my current organisation.

My question is, if I would need to file for ammendment of the Petition or simply procure a new LCA? What is the expected lead time in both these cases. Please note that only Petition is approve and stamping is yet to happen.

You need to check w/ employer if the role mentioned in LCA is also to change or not. If it is changing, then new LCA needs to be certified followed by H-1 amendment.

Thanks Saurabh…as I mentioned I have got promoted with a few additional responsibilities and I would continue to utilise the same skill sets/knowledge in the new role as the earlier role for which my petition was approved. I know I may require a new LCA but I am not sure about the ammendment. Ammendment I guess requires a awful lot of a time.

Then they need to file new LCA mentioning the new salary for the new role. Amendment may take 2-3 months to come through.