Ammending job role before stamping - h1b

First time applied for h1b through employer nd I got H1B approved mail and when checked the I-129 form, the role mentioned was wrong

But the job responsibilities mentioned in the I-129 was correct as per my current role.

Also in LCA , they mentioned the job role wrongly (instead of Systems Analyst mentioned as Senior Tester ).

In the stamping packet everywhere the role mentioned is wrong.

If they file amendment, whether it would affect my approved H1B petition in anyway (revoking/denial)?

Do i need to go for stamping first nd then file ammendment?

Also i heard that if only role name changes and there is no change in the duties and responsibilities mentioned, then no need to ammend the petition. So I am confused in this. Please advice

The title Senior Tester has potential to trigger RFE but you can still try and hope for best. Can they issue new document with changed title before you go for stamping?

But my actual job role s system analyst. They may provide LCA for that. But question s by ammending the role is tger any chances of revoking the approved petition