Amendment or Extension Petition Number In DS160

Hello Everyone,

I do have questions regarding the correct Petition Number in DS 160 for my spouse(H4).

H1b Background:
I have applied for an H1b extension in the month of March and got approved for a long duration.
Later on, in between the pandemic situation, my Job location and client got changed in the month of June.
Then I applied for Amendment and it got approved with the same duration as what I have in extension I797.

But in between Extension and Amendment;
After extension approval, my spouse filled DS160 and booked an appointment but it got canceled due to the Pandemic.
Now again we booked an appointment but here we booked with the same DS160 in which we mentioned petition number of Extension approval I797.

Here is my question:

  1. Do we need to update DS160 (New DS160) and make a change with Amendment Petition Number?
  2. or not need to update DS160 with New petition Number because it’s just a change of location, not actual approval.
  3. is there any impact of it on my spouse Interview and profile?

Please suggest me, it will be really helpful for me.