Amended petition and LCA: When can I start work at new location?

Hi there,

I am on H1B for Company A. Company is moving to a new location, and thus is beginning the process of updating LCA and amending my petition. Can I start working at the new location after LCA is approved, or do I have to wait until my amended petition is approved?

Also, are all the supporting documents and fees required for an amended petition, since the only thing that is changing is the location of work?

How far did your employer moved? Is it a diferent metropolitan area?

We are moving in the same city, same zip code, same county, just a few blocks away actually.

I am in the exact same boat and I am schedule for next week for consular interview to renew my visa. Actually today an attorney from an immigration law firm just told me that based on the new USCIS release, that I did not have to do anything since it is not considered a substantial change in my employment. I have heard some attorney still want to do an amendment just to get more money out of people. But I guess Ill find out next week if it is an issue.

Thank you for your help poncho3101!! Please keep me posted if you find out more at your interview next week. I have been looking everywhere online to find out if a small location move means we need to do an amendment, but I have only found mixed results so far.