am i suitable to study in us?

Hi ,
I am planning to do MS in US next fall. After completion of whole procedures in India including airfare ,moreover only 2-3 lakhs will only remain as my financial balance. If i sum up with 15 L loan, Am i financially ok for going?? Should i need to worry??

Also can we confirm on campus part time job before leaving from India??

my acedemic % is 66.11 in b-tech

what r my chances to get job after ms & if no job related to ms can i clear the bank loan in next 2 years by doing any other job?

kindly give me reply sir…

Always fees depends on school and varies. Usually, the schools in US require that you show bank balance in form or loan or cash that you can pay for your fees and education. I always recommend that you hold enough cash to complete your education and be prepared for the worst.

It is not common that many students find on-campus job or some funding like TA, RA, GA in US schools and get financial assistance, but you cannot bank on all these things as things have changed in recent times and they are based on various factors.

Getting Job is a very different thing and also you need to consider H1B Visa for working in USA with Lottery . It is very hard to predit all these. Your motto should be to study and study well, if you get a job to work on campus, it is great, if not you should be prepared to study and not work as well. Also, you may or may not get H1B visa as it is based on lottery and you need to be prepared for that too…

Not trying to scare you, but giving you the reality picture so that you are ready for everything !