Am I eligible to study MS in US with Distance MCA in India of 2 or 3 years?

This page had helped many students by providing to the point requirements and by clarifying doubts regarding study in US.

I also expect the same with me.

Will I be eligible to study MS in US with Distance MCA of 2 years from IGNOU.

What would be your answer if it was MCA of 3 years from madras university?
Any visa problems or any other problems in case of distance education?
What would be financial support required?

Can you provide a few good universities with financial aid facility?

Hi Sai,

Eligibility always depends on the school and their recognition of Indian Universities, it is hard to give a generalized answer. What I suggest is that you may reach out to few schools and get some inputs. They may ask you to do education evaluation and you can certainly do that to help make your degree recognizable.

We do not provide any list of schools. Financial aid has been very tough lately, it depends on many factors. You may read How to get scholarships for MS in USA