Am I eligible for H1B cap exempt ?

My first H1 was approved in 2007 with employer A, then I transferred my H1 to employer B and then to employer C in Nov’2010. The new tenure is Nov’2010 - Sept’2013.

Due to some personal issues I had to fly out of US in Mar'12, after coming to India I didn't go for stamping. 

I want to go back to US on B1/B2 visa and find a new job ? If i find one, can any new employer file my [b]H1B in cap exempt[/b] ? or it again has to be regular quota of 2014.

Please assist !

You are eligible for H-1 cap-exempt but will get a term of 6 years minus the time already spent inside US on H-1 visa. If you go for cap-suject visa in 2014, then your clock is reset.

I am against misuse of B-1/2 visa for this purpose.