Am I allowed to pay the H1B filing fees as an employee?

I’ve read the article stating that I, as an employee, am legally not allowed to pay for the fees (except for the Premium Processing Fee). And the Initial Filing Fee ($325), but everything else should be paid by the petitioning employer. However, I’ve went through quite a few questions here and there are answers saying that employees can pay for the fees (because USCIS would never know). So which one is actually true? Am I legally allowed to pay for the fees?

I have one company asking me to pay for everything (which I’m not quite willing to do), and another asking me to contribute to the payments. I just want to be sure what I’m allowed to do, even though I know I’m not required to pay.

Legally your not supposed to pay. It is usual if you are a consultant/contracter that many consultancies make their employees pay for it.