Already have MS(IT) from UK,now interested to do MS(MBA) now in US !!!

Hi every1

Iam Praveen, got I-20 from California University of Management and sciences, Visa interview on 21st june this friday, the thing i have already got masters from uk in IT now i would like to go for MBA from US university. IELTS- 6 bands.

Could anybody please suggest me on this question

’ why do you want to do masters again?’

please share your suggestions, much appreciated.

Hope your visa interview went well. You have to be honest and tell the exact reason for your second masters, it should be fine.

Sorry for the delayed response but it will definitely help others. Hope your interview went well.

Question: Why do you want to do Master's again?

Answer:  I have a Master's degree in Information Technology. It was a good program and does complete my technical education. However, in today's world of consumer centric business models, technology innovations have to be focused on consumer needs. Knowledge of technology is insufficient by itself, one must be able to understand business decisions that drive direction of technology research and development. This is the reason I am seeking an MBA degree from a US University

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