Already applied for H1B VISA , need to change passport details now

My documents and other details are already sent to US VISA team , I haven’t got any lottery confirmation yet , this month I got married . I will have to change my passport details with my spouse name . Will it affect my VISA approval ? I have my marriage certificate and will apply for dependent VISA also (wife’s) . Can anyone please help me on this …

Whats the hurry? Why don’t you want until you get some kind of confirmation from USCIS? :expressionless:

What if I got confirmation from USCIS … I will be changing the passport details by next month . Hope my passport change will not affect petition and stamping process later on ??
Do I need to intimate them in advance or its fine if I show them my new passport with marriage certificate during interview/stamping , hope they will not object on this that time ?

Its the same case with me…can some one reply on this

Adding spouse’s name in the passport will not impact the outcome of the processing.

It should not impact your stamping since, you aren’t doing something illegal/fraud. Get your spouse name added before you go for stamping. That way it would be easy for her to get H4 too. And I guess you both can go to stamping at a time but, not sure.