After petition filed Project changed with same employer.

Hi Everyone,
I have one question regarding my H1B petition.I have filed my H1B petition in previous project then I moved out of the project and joined another US project under same employer but now when I approached for LCA change my internal visa team suggesting that LCA change is not possible as of now and in most case eg 90% cases USCIS puts the petition into RFE then we might have to withdraw our petition because reason given is that the earlier client might not share non-shareable document as I am no more associated with that project. But as far I know that my petition is under Cap now so is it possible to file new petition under Cap exempt or wait till its reviewed or comes under RFE.Please suggest what are the options available now for me and how much time its takes for approval of petitions.My petitions was filed on 7th,May2012 but still under review. Thanks !

H1B Guy

I think your employer can file amendment for your petition with the current project details and new LCA, if applicable.