After getting final H1B approval - STATUS OF VISA

I applied for H-1B visa w/ premium prosessing and just got final approval.

I’m in the USA now and I was J-1 visa and transferred to F-1 visa in the USA.

I’ve been studying in ESL institute by F-1 visa and I’m on vacation now.

What I want to know is…

If I can’t go back to school or not.

since my H1-B visa is approved…

My lawyer said it’s ok not to go school. but some people said I should go school to maintain F-1 visa until 10/1/16.

I need to pay next semester tuition and resume school next week …

so please advise asap.


You are on F-1 status until 10/1 and need to maintain that status. If you remain inside US then you have to maintain F-1 status.