after can I do M.s r else Hotel Management in u.s??


i have done my B.COM but the thing is that i have my backlogs so without clearing that can i do my hotel management coure in u.s ??? & if i clear my blacklogs can i do M.S in u.s??? which course can i go for M.s with B.COM background…??

actually i want brief information about post.graduation in U.S after my B.COM… i dont know anything about higher studies after

so kindly hlep me through which way i can go for U.S & do my post garaduation ??

plz do answer diz question na… itz urgent!!

Without backlogs clearing you can appy for bachelors in US.

If you clear Bcom you can apply for masters

One of my Admissions Counselors will be able to help you with further advice and guidance. Please email me details of your education, courses covered and also if you did any diploma or certificate programs after B.Com.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Academic Advisor (India and Middle East), Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.; [b][/b]