After applying for H1B Visa, my passport got damaged

After applying for H1B Visa, my passport got damaged. Im appying for the new passport. what would be the difficulties would occur regarding.

Can I take the new passport during the H1B visa Interview which was arranged based on my damaged pasport.

Appointment and DS 160 form have old passport No.

It seems that you have not yet applied for new passport. Are you sure that new passport will be available before Interview date?

You have two options-

1- Do not apply for new passport now. Take existing pasport as it is to Interview.If other things are ok, Consulate will ask you to obtain new passport and submit it to OFC.this will save your bank payment , Interview date Etc. Then obtain new passport , submit it to ofc as per consulate letter and you will get visa stamped on new passport.

2- Second option is - If you have adequate time before interview- contact OFC

Yr passport No is on DS 160 , Yr profile and is even linked to bank payment You can not change it yourself. If OFC agrees to change it , fine . Otherwise they will tell you what to do