After 221g, petition transferred, documents to carry for visa interview

Hi Saurabh,

My petition was picked in 2015 through a company in Coimbatore I went to the consulate with all possible documents, confidently answered all questions.

As I was working with worlds #1 automobile company VO asked me about the current company and on new, I mentioned that it’s a new opportunity, went on with few other questions then handed me a 221g nothing but additional administrative processing block checked. And later to receive a document on AP on employee employer relations.

As a fool I had already relieved from the he OEM, I had to join this company and as they didn’t had any work suitable for me started harassing and reduced the salary drastically, then I made up my mind decided to change and joined a company in Bengaluru.

Now. The current company have transferred the petition and I have my visa interview scheduled.

  1. Do I need to carry old 221g and set of documents

  2. Someone mentioned on withdrawal, I didn’t understand what I have to withdraw ( is it the previous visa interview related?? )

Please advise