After 221g, H1B Reaffirmed, H1B amended, what next?

Dear Saurabh and Gurus, need your suggestions.

H1B extension approved for three years (Oct 2010 to Sep 2013). Came India and went for restamping in May 2011 (Delhi consulate), issued 221g.

Petition reaffirmed in April 2012.For a new location and new client, my copmany applied for H1B ammendment with new LCA. Got approval and received new I-797C.

BTW, the petition they sent back has different number and the approved one (For ammendment has different number).

Question: Since this is reaffirmation case, do I need to wait untill my consulate contacts me? Or since we applied for amendment, I need to take new appointment? (new HDFCreceipt?).

Also do I need to wait until PIMS is updated? Only after this consulate will call me? And I want to appear in Chennai and not Delhi this time.

We have open contract (without my name) and I don’t have client letter. But based on above we have got our amendment approved. So can I go ahead and go for interview? Is it going to be safe? FYI, client is not agreeing to provide ‘invitation/client letter’.

I would appreciate you can assist in my case.

Thanks and best regards

HI Deepak

COuld you tell me how long did it take to get I797 after reaffirming H1b.

My case just reaffirmed on 20th Jul 2012 , I also dont know what’s next ?



I am not using the I-797 that was sent after reaffirmation also not sure how long it took, my employer got it but he never communicated about it.
We filed H1b amendment in premium and got it approved within a week.
I have sent an email to VFS asking about the next procedure. Will update once I get the reply.