After 221(g) white slip, submitted passport but now no status update


I had appeared for H1B visa interview on 13th Dec and received 221(g) white slip. We submitted all the required documents via email on 24th. On 27th I received email to submit my passport and I submitted it with my 797 copy on 28th. When I check online status, it was last updated on 29th Dec when Mumbai cosulate should have received my passport. Since then I am checking status everyday and it is showing Administrative Processing with the same date. It is almost more than 20 days now.

When I received the email to submit my passport in the subject line they have mentioned that your case number : 2016-XX-XXXX has been closed --> I am confused if that closed then what is the processing it is going on? Are there any chances of misplaced something or some confusion?

When I track the passport status - it shows as there is no status available for the submitted passport number. Before it was showing as Delivered to Post.

There is no way I can contact them and check for the status update. I tried chat, sms, email, call… Nothing is helpful. I am not sure what is going on.

Please suggest if anyone faced this kind of situation.

Thank you

did you get your visa stamped???

Can you please update your visa status? I am
In same situation

Hi please update your visa status