Advise on client letter confusion

Hi Everyone,

One of the reputed employer had filed my H1B, with in few days my interview is scheduled, i am now under document preparation, during my research i came to know that the client letter is important. i have requested my employer for the same then he replayed saying that there are few projects which are going on and i will be placed in one among those so it will be difficult to provide the client letter and he advised me to explain the interviewer saying that we develop project in hose and sell those to the customers, and he even told me that my H1 is filed in a way that there is no client mentioned.

now i am a step ahead to get my Visa, kindly help me on how can i deal this.

actually my employer is a Gold partner to one of the worlds larger product based company and they develop the projects with their products only, usually are the in hose projects accepted during the Visa interview?

Do you have copy of the letter employer submitted to USCIS along w/ the petition? That would detail what job/duties employer had planned for you.