Advice needed: H1B Transfer to be approved while in India

I am on H1B with employer A. H1B transfer has been applied by employer B in premium. I am planning to travel to India this week. The H1B transfer would get approved when I am in India.

What will be the problems on entering U.S back.

Could you propose solutions for the probelms(if any)

When entering US you need two things - approved valid 797 and approved valid visa stamp in passport. If you have B’s approved petition and A’s approved visa stamp you can enter and work for B.

If B’s petition is not approved by the time you return to US, then you need to use A’s petition and have to work for A. There are other complexities w/ this scenario - B’s extension of status will be abandoned as you would have left US and issued I-94 will be for A and not B. So you cannot work for B once their petition gets approved unless you leave US and re-enter on B’s petition.