Address different in offer letter and passport.



I have applied for h1b visa in 2013. My petition got approved on january 2014.


Basically before filing I got the offer letter from the filing company.which has address of my new house. But my passport address is still in old house.

which is sold.

So my offer letter from the us company(Filing the petition) is on new house address, while filing the petation

and my passport has older address.



Before going for Stamping what should I do.

1. So should I change the address in passport, but that would change the passport no. which was used in petation. 

2. If I change the passport, can I go for stamping with the new passport. 


Please help me with this query.

No need to change address on passport.

It is enough to carry proof of new address showing at least 6 months stay there - in Original.It unlikely that even that will be asked But keep it with you