actions of IRS with income on H4

really need your advice as quickly as possible… please help me out.
I am currently on h4 visa . though i knew i am not allowed to work in USA ,I started working for a production house ( i have spent 3 yrs just sitting at home. so, i was desperate ). they paid me in cash . and the job was to watch live tv shows ,just sit in audience and clap. it wasn’t really a job. no employee/employer contract. they used to pay us in cash after every show. but they had a website wherein we could login and see our income . so, now that i have exceeded the limit of $600, they are asking me to submit my SSN for tax. but because i do not have a SSN, I just stopped attending the show… but Now the website says, i have to enter my SSN, or else they will call IRS.
What should i do now …??? will my husband loose his job …?? will they deport us …???
Plz help me…

Seems like a nice job, watching tv and getting paid for it…:)). Sorrry, I know you are stressed. They need your SSN information for their tax reasons. Please let them know it is ‘applied for’ or type 000-00-0000 and forget about the whole incident. Be careful though and avoid such gigs in future.

Also, your husband is not liable for your actions as an adult and therefore his H-1B or job is not in question or at risk.